DISPlayer 2.5


DISPlayer 2.5 is a complete digital signage platform that allows you to remotely manage whatever (any) numbers of TV Screens, monitors, kiosks, all around the world directly from your desktop!

It's easy to install and it's a fulfilled solution:
Server, Client and Player Hardware, all inclusive in 1 small monthly or annual fee!

key features
Schedule and Play
Schedule and smoothly Play Videos, Pictures, HTML5, Audio Files, Video and Audio streaming inside highly customizable multi-zone layouts.
Highly Efficient Single Board PC
Based on a single board pc, it's fast, flawless and energy saving. The Smallest form possible on a credit card size!
Bi-directional Communication
Realtime communication between Server and Players: you will deploy your updates in a few seconds!
It Never Stops!
No risks of black screen: all the contents will be stored on the Player Micro SD (up to 128GB) and they will continuously play even in case of a temporary internet down connection.
The result of 20 Years experience
Tell us what your needs are, we already have a solution ready for you.
Wide network connection options
Ethernet RJ45, Wifi, any 3G/4G usb dongle, with auto connect, auto reconnect and auto fallback!

DISPlayer 2.5 in deep

Our platform is the final result of 20 years of experience in the fields of web development and multimedia. Based on the popular Raspberry PI single board pc, our software take the best from all the hardware features (WIFI integrated, fast MicroSD writer/reader, Broadcom GPU for relatime H264 video decoding) giving the best performance and the best FULL HD Experience.

Our player never stops, keeping on playing even without internet connection thanks to its internal MicroSD card, up to 128GB.

The Server Admin panel is hosted on the cloud, for High Availability and business continuity.

On our Server application you will:

Upload and manage your assets (any video format, any picture format, HTML5 zipped layout, MP3 and M4A audio files, any type of streaming)

Create your playlists with different and fully customizable layouts

Deploy to your player, following a schedule (up to 30 schedulable playlists in the same moment) or to play immediately.

Monitor your player: The communication with the players is in realtime and bidirectional. The player will regularly communicate his status and what it's playing. From the server you can check in any moment any details of the player and also have a realtime snapshot of the screen.

Public Information Display in Woodlands Bus Interchange (Singapore)
Interactive Panel in Woodlands Bus Interchange (Singapore)
Maxi Screen Pista di Ghiaccio (Riccione, Italy)
Digital Information Screen - Iskandar Space (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
Digital Board Menu - Bottega Mediterranea (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Digital Board Menu - Illy Caffè @ Pavilion (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Info Retail - Illy Caffè @ Pavilion (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Displayer 2.5 works "out of the box" for the most common cases but if you needs any other additional feature we are ready to quote a complete tailor made proposal.

Some additional features example

  • Server-side video editing like automatic graphics and text overlay on tour video assets or videonews from rss feed
  • Client-side OpenGL video graphics
  • Easy and powerful HTML5 editor to create your personal animation, promotions and messages
  • Videowalls
  • Graphic Design
  • Contents creation
  • Audio Playlist and Radio Automation for Instore Radio.